We believe that when you invest in a disclosure management, XBRL reporting or disclosure research solution, you and your team should be fully equipped to maximize that software’s potential.

While the training you choose is determined by the solution you’re implementing, our level of service and our investment in your success remains the same; committed, professional and efficient. Training is available both on-site and remote.

Learn about our training programs:

Disclosure Management

Disclosure management is all about confidence. DisclosureNet’s professional services team works hand-in-hand with your reporting team to ensure confidence in the accuracy of the financial reporting data and narrative that’s essential to producing compliant regulatory filings.

Once you implement our enterprise disclosure management solution, we’ll make sure your staff is educated and gets the most out of DisclosureNet.

Training is two-fold and includes:


  • Product Education
    • A three-day product seminar where the DisclosureNet services team demonstrates both the overall functionality of the product, as well as a deeper overview of key features, while your entire financial reporting team works within a demo environment to attain a practical understanding of all product features and capabilities
    • This course follows a formal product education syllabus
  • Custom Report Design
    • A two-day interactive design session that incorporates your company’s reporting processes and data sources to solidify the advanced use of DisclosureNet

Ongoing Support

  • DisclosureNet assigns a personal consultant to your company to ensure your staff is up-to-date and your reporting process is functioning
  • DisclosureNet’s consultants provide ongoing coaching and support for your reporting team

XBRL Reporting

XBRL reporting processes continue to evolve as the mandate aligns with the needs of investors and filers. DisclosureNet’s XBRL services team upholds the highest standards of regulatory compliance, tagging and taxonomy mapping. By imparting this knowledge on your reporting team and by using DisclosureNet’s XBRL solution, your staff produces documents that meet and exceed regulatory compliance, now and in the future.

Training for XBRL reporting includes:


  • US GAAP and taxonomy management
  • Product education includes:
    • Navigating the application
    • Training around calculation execution
    • Building custom extensions
    • Generating instance documents
    • Mapping financials within filings
  • Tagging and updating data
  • Review, approval and validation processes

Ongoing Support

  • DisclosureNet assigns a personal consultant to your company to ensure tagging accuracy and taxonomy assistance
  • Client support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Disclosure Research

Accurate, precise disclosure research starts with the database and ends with the search results. Our account management team trains your team as it grows on how to use DisclosureNet’s disclosure research software and they’re available at a moment’s notice for specific one-off research questions. Whether it’s a functionality inquiry, like how to share research, or knowledge based, like how to compose the perfect Boolean keyword search, account management is a phone call away.

Training on the most efficient and accurate way to search within DisclosureNet’s research solution includes:


  • In-depth product and interface introduction
  • Boolean keyword and search filter overview
  • Advanced functions (share, compare, merge documents)

Ongoing Support

  • The account management team provides one-on-one support sessions from Monday to Friday, 9am – 9pm EST. These can be scheduled or ad hoc.

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