The confidence DisclosureNet inspires in both the external and internal reporting processes extends to XBRL, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best XBRL reporting software on the market.

DisclosureNet’s disclosure management application is equipped with several features that simplify and streamline the XBRL filing process, eliminating the common challenges filers experience.

XBRL remains one of the most complex topics in financial reporting today and many companies are looking for a fine balance between producing compliant filings and maintaining control over the process.

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XBRL Reporting: The DisclosureNet Advantage

Taxonomy & Tagging

  • The Taxonomy Management tool within DisclosureNet efficiently manages XBRL taxonomies, ensuring ongoing compliance.
  • Our interactive tag inspector highlights tagging mistakes such as incorrect unit, incorrect scaling or inconsistent tagging, which improves the overall quality in first and subsequent filings.
  • Tag-once technology means you can reduce risk and eliminate redundancy by simply tagging data once and rolling the report forward for future reports to utilize the same tags with updated values. Any changes in your data automatically flow into the XBRL document.
  • Our real-time tagging grid shows you how the filing will look as you tag the data, allowing you to see a side-by-side comparison of your initial document and your XBRL tags.
  • For convenience and transparency, DisclosureNet provides multiple reports and checks of your XBRL document creation. Our built-in SEC previewer allows users and management to review and approve the XBRL instance document for accuracy and data quality before filing.

Support and Services

XBRL Prep: 3 Critical Capabilities You Need to Address


Learn about recent and upcoming changes to the 2014 US GAAP taxonomy, best practices for element selection and tagging, and XBRL instance management and alternatives.


  • Perform a complete real-time validation on XBRL instance documents with DisclosureNet’s user-friendly interface and instantly see any errors in the filing and fix them as you go.

EDGAR Output

  • Easily convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents into HTML, making it easier to submit your EDGAR documents to the SEC.
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