DisclosureNet is North America’s leading cloud-based SEC filing research and analytics platform.

DisclosureNet’s proprietary SEC filing research tool provides access to millions of EDGAR-filed documents as well as accounting standards, rules and regulations issued by the FASB, the IASB and more.

In the analytics module, users have access to millions of raw data points that DisclosureNet aggregates and visualizes with insightful dashboards ready for strategic analysis.

DisclosureNet uniquely gives users the ability to easily leverage this universe of SEC disclosure intelligence in two ways:


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SEC Filing Research

DisclosureNet’s SEC Filing Research software helps professionals across all industries locate qualitative, unstructured information in financial disclosures.

SEC filing research software uncovers specific information about a company or accounting standard. This includes identifying language used in a note disclosure to guide compliance, or finding singular data points about a particular company to establish precedents.

DisclosureNet’s research platform provides users with a fast, accurate solution for finding qualitative data that helps boost compliance and guide business strategy.


Disclosure Analytics

DisclosureNet also offers the industry’s first automated Disclosure Analytics platform, which gives companies access to structured, quantitative data found in public disclosure filings.

Fully integrated with Excel®, DisclosureNet aggregates and visualizes complex data models for analysis. From identifying industry-wide trends in XBRL to conducting an in-depth financial analysis on competitors, users have the option to create their own dashboards or choose customizable templates from DisclosureNet’s library.

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