In addition to producing external financial reports, DisclosureNet’s disclosure management software creates the recurring internal monthly reports that are vital to measuring an organization’s overall health.

Internal reporting is a vital component of a well-run business, but in most organizations, it’s fraught with challenges including versioning overlap and manual processes. These roadblocks often result in inaccuracy, inefficiency and a lot of frustration. What makes this process more challenging is the frequency with which internal reporting occurs; its continuous nature makes it difficult for organizations to streamline internal reporting methods.

DisclosureNet’s disclosure management application solves these problems by enabling users to produce internal management reports faster and more accurately. By automating manual processes, and updating both the data and the narrative in internal reports, DisclosureNet improves efficiency and ultimately reduces – if not eliminates – the pains you experience in your internal reporting cycles.

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Create Internal Reports with DisclosureNet

Board Packages
Forecast Flash Reports
Management Reports
Budget Books
Periodic Line of Business Narrative Performance Reports (Sales, Marketing, Operations)
Variance/Threshold Analysis Reports
Industry and/or Finance Color Books (Ex: Red, Yellow, Blue Book)
Internal PowerPoint Presentation Automation
KPI Reporting
…and many more!

Internal Reporting: The DisclosureNet Advantage

Direct Connection to Data Sources
  • Connect directly with existing company data sources (ex. Excel, General Ledger, Performance Management solutions and more) to ensure data automatically flows into internal reports. This reduces the risk for manual errors and ensures a single version of the truth.
  • Dynamic data updates automatically adjust the surrounding narrative accordingly so report numbers and language remain consistent.
  • Based on your organization’s preference, DisclosureNet can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises.
Automated Workflow
  • Efficiency is improved with a centralized platform for all internal reports.
  • Automatic email notifications concerning workflow and task management ensure that projects stay on track.
Permissions and Controls
  • Complete audit trail functionality allows users to easily pinpoint when changes were made and identify who made them.
Narrative Reporting Capabilities
  • When data automatically updates in your internal reports, the surrounding narrative does too, reducing the need for manual edits to the text.
MS Office Integration
  • Native integration with MS Office tools like PowerPoint, Word and Excel allows users to continue to work in familiar applications, saving time, reducing the learning curve and maintaining efficiency.
  • DisclosureNet rolls forward Microsoft Office report templates and corresponding charts, graphs and narrative in recurring internal reports to increase efficiency and minimize the risk for errors.
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