DisclosureNet streamlines the Disclosure Management Cycle by automating your end-to-end external reporting cycle and connecting directly to your in-house financial systems.

External reporting is arguably one of the most critical activities public companies engage in, and when done well, improves corporate reputation and share price.

Yet this process has traditionally been laden with inefficiencies such as manual data entry and version control issues, which can result in potentially dire consequences including missed deadlines, regulatory fines and penalties, and potential loss of shareholder confidence.

DisclosureNet is the solution of choice for external reporting requirements. With security, automation and, most importantly, disclosure integrity top of mind, DisclosureNet streamlines the Disclosure Management Cycle by eliminating manual processes and human errors, automating your end-to-end external reporting cycle and connecting directly to your in-house financial systems.

SEC Filing Calendar

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Create External Reports in DisclosureNet

Examples of Canadian and U.S. External Reporting
Annual Reports
Management Discussion and Analysis Filings
Interim Management Statements
Regulatory Filings (Ex: 10K, 20F, HMRC)
XBRL and EDGARized Filings
Earnings Releases
Annual Business Reviews
Preliminary Statements
Half-Yearly Reports
Stock Exchange / Corporate Action Submissions
Carbon Disclosure & Greenhouse Gas Reports
Statutory Entity Filings with Business Registers
Corporation Tax Computations / Submissions
Industry Accounting Regulatory Reports
Risk Disclosures
Other Industry / Statistical Reports

External Financial Reporting:
The DisclosureNet Advantage

MS Office Integration

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all natively integrated in DisclosureNet’s disclosure management platform so you work within the programs you know.
  • Microsoft Office templates and corresponding charts, graphs and narrative in recurring reports automatically roll forward, saving valuable time each reporting period.

Automated Workflow

  • Automatic email notifications and dashboard views of the current reporting cycle keep projects on track and streamline the external report creation process.
  • One-click report validation allows you to easily identify inconsistencies, saving time and increasing productivity.

Narrative Reporting Capabilities

  • When data points update within a financial report, DisclosureNet automatically updates the narrative surrounding such data so the numbers are always consistent with report narrative.

Permissions, Controls and Collaboration

  • Permission settings to increase control and maintain confidentiality mean that you can be confident producing external reports in DisclosureNet.
  • Complete audit trail functionality allows users to trace edits and lets administrators and reviewers know who made what change and when.
  • Check in/check out features eliminate confusion around document versions. With DisclosureNet, there is only one version of a particular document and collaboration features such as integrated email and commenting make it easy for document contributors, reviewers and administrators to communicate.


  • Based on your organization’s preference, DisclosureNet can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises.
  • Our disclosure management application can be deployed in more than 15 languages, an essential feature for international companies required to produce multi-lingual reports. (i.e., Canadian English/French requirement)

Direct Connection to Data Sources

  • Connect directly with existing company data sources (ex. Excel, General Ledger, Performance Management solutions and more) to ensure data automatically flows into internal reports. This reduces the risk for manual errors and ensures a single version of the truth.

Services and Support

  • To help you meet and exceed your external reporting requirements, DisclosureNet offers a full suite of expert implementation, consulting and training services.
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DisclosureNet is the only complete reporting solution, period.