“Using DisclosureNet to benchmark against peers has helped improve the overall quality of our financial disclosures.”

– Senior Financial Reporting Manager, Enerflex

Best-in-class organizations formally incorporate the review and analysis of peer and competitor public filings into their disclosure management processes.

This practice boosts compliance, increases competitive awareness and provides the context and justification required to foster sound strategic decisions.

With access to 20+ million public company filings from the U.S., Canada and Australia as well as UK financial statements, DisclosureNet is the leading source for this invaluable information. Real-time updates from SEC EDGAR, SEDAR and the ASX mean that DisclosureNet always has the most current public company information available.

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Inside DisclosureNet’s research application, users will find:

icon-checkmark20+ million public company filings including quarterly/10Q and annual/10K reports

icon-checkmarkAudit fee information

icon-checkmarkInsider trading records

icon-checkmarkSEC correspondence records

icon-checkmarkCompany profiles

icon-checkmarkNews releases

Just having access to this information isn’t enough.

DisclosureNet’s robust search capabilities and intuitive interface are what make it the leading one-stop shop for disclosure research.

Top features include:

40+ search filters – Filter by: Industry, Company Auditor, Filing Category, Filing Date and more. Queries can range from broad to extremely specific depending on how many filters you select.

Save and store – Users can save and store any search or search results within DisclosureNet for easy ongoing access.

Comment, markup and share – Collaborate with colleagues by highlighting, commenting on and analyzing relevant parts of a document and then sharing those insights easily within the application.


Full-text search & keywords in context – Search a database of more than 20 million public company filings for specific words and results will display with the key words highlighted in the document so they’re easy to identify.

Company lists and folders – Compile a list of relevant companies and save to a folder to easily conduct searches on the entities relevant to you. Or, create folders of specific search results and run new searches on these documents.

Real-time automatic alerts – Set alerts based on specific criteria and enjoy automatic email notifications delivered immediately, hourly or daily when a filing meeting those criteria is submitted.

Side by side translation view – Documents filed in both English and French will automatically open with the English and French translations side by side. This makes it simpler for translators to get appropriate phrasing in the other official language.


Where does the data come from?

DisclosureNet is the most trusted source for disclosure intelligence because of our established direct feeds with regulatory bodies such as SEDAR, SEC EDGAR, the ASX and the major accounting bodies. The moment a new document is filed with any of these groups, it becomes available in DisclosureNet.

This means that you can be confident that the data you find in DisclosureNet is:




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