DisclosureNet’s analytics platform mines raw disclosure data and instantly transforms it into meaningful corporate intelligence.

Whether used for reviewing benchmarks or monitoring competitors, DisclosureNet provides a simple and efficient way for companies to conduct rich quantitative data analysis to sharpen strategy and make better business decisions.


How it Works in 3 Steps


Obtain the DisclosureNet Excel® add-in, and instantly connect to the millions of data points hosted in our cloud data warehouse.


Filter & Build

Once the connection is established, users can leverage pre-built templates that can be configured to specific requirements, saving time and reducing manual effort. Alternatively, mine DisclosureNet’s data to create tailored dashboards using familiar Excel® functions such as pivot tables and charts.



Equipped with the charts and data aggregated by DisclosureNet, users can share this information among team members for a full analysis to help formulate strategy and make critical decisions.

Data Sets

Financial, XBRL, Audit Fees, Stock Price History

DisclosureNet provides access to millions of data points mined from public disclosure documents filed between 2003 and today, by all public companies across the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK.*

*Currently not all data sets are available for each country. Availability is as follows: Financials – U.S., Canada, UK & Australia; XBRL – U.S. SEC Filings; Audit Fees – Canada; Stock Prices – U.S. & Canada.

Data Set Overview

Looking for more?

Data Set OverviewSee a detailed list of the data DisclosureNet provides and learn about the steps we take to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

What Makes DisclosureNet’s Analytics Platform Different?


Only solution where you can access multiple data sets via Excel.®


Allows users to merge existing internal KPIs with corresponding metrics within peer group for faster, easier competitive analysis.


DisclosureNet allows users to download thousands of data points within seconds, making it faster and more efficient than traditional methods.


User-specified Excel templates are dynamically linked and automatically update each time the user connects to the solution.

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