DisclosureNet is a proud provider of IBM’s Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) system.

As the latest in financial reporting software technology, DisclosureNet CDM is a cut above the rest because of its ability to produce Smarter Disclosures – Faster.

As the new generation of FSR’s enterprise disclosure management system, the solution grows with you to support increasing regulatory demands and your evolving Disclosure Management Cycle.

Our disclosure management software equips you with the means to optimize the creation of progressively complex reports and meet intricate disclosure requirements.

DisclosureNet CDM Solves Old FSR Problems

Learn about the new generation enterprise disclosure management solution that grows with you to support increasing regulatory demands and evolving Disclosure Management Cycles.

What is the DisclosureNet CDM Difference?

Data is now extracted from a single source and instantaneously updates reports.

Workflow capabilities allow multiple contributors to work within a document at the same time, without the risk of overlap, unlike FSR’s person-to-person workflow.

Improved performance achieved through cloud-based efficiency, so you can access reports and up-to-date data remotely.

Disclosure research capabilities for improved compliance, competitive intelligence and benchmarking.

XBRL experience improvements include a real-time tagging grid and live tagging validations so you’re able to identify errors instantly and roll data forward in future reports.

Upgrading to DisclosureNet CDM

DisclosureNet’s services team migrates your corporate data and reports over to DisclosureNet CDM. For an easy and seamless upgrade, the services team uses a four-step process, which focuses on two driving factors: database migration and bridge training.

DisclosureNet’s Four-Step Migration Methodology



DisclosureNet CDM can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises, according to your needs.


Requirements Session

Our services team conducts a needs assessment where they determine how DisclosureNet CDM will enable your ideal state of reporting. This process includes data mapping in reports, permissioning requirements for users and determining roles within the solution.


Database Migration

At this point, DisclosureNet’s services team migrates your reports into the solution. They install, build and load application business models and collect, migrate and configure data, all while maintaining the integrity of your current and past financial reports.


Bridge Training

While FSR is similar to DisclosureNet CDM, there are considerable improvements to the product’s interface design and functionality. To fill the learning gap, our services team coaches your team on the new features DisclosureNet CDM provides.

FSR to DisclosureNet: 7 Reasons to Migrate Now

In this webcast, a panel of financial reporting SMEs will discuss how FSR has evolved into DisclosureNet CDM and why it’s important for the health of your financial reports to make the switch.