DisclosureNet’s services team adapts its robust enterprise disclosure management solution to your complex filing needs.

When an enterprise disclosure management solution is deployed across your organization, the process should have minimal impact, be executed with precision and with the utmost attention to your sensitive financial reports. DisclosureNet uses a fail-proof Five-Step Methodology, sharpened and refined based on years of proven financial reporting success.

DisclosureNet’s Five-Step Disclosure Management Implementation Methodology



DisclosureNet CDM can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises, according to your needs.


Requirements Session

Our services team conducts a needs assessment to determine your ideal state of financial reporting. This includes mapping out how data flows into reports, how permissioning will be set up and determining roles within the solution to create the most streamlined financial reporting process possible.


Report Pre-Build

At this point, DisclosureNet’s services team works to install, build and load application business models and collect, migrate, configure data. In addition to this, the services team matches the new report structure to proven practices for optimal performance and design.


Product Education and Training

Your team receives a three-day standard training aimed at equipping and educating them for the future use of the solution. At this point, your team learns how to navigate the product and properly use all advanced features in a demo environment.


Report Production Training

Once your team has a handle on exactly how the solution works and how to use the full suite of capabilities, it’s time to get them working within your company’s data. This three-day training program teaches users to work in a live report, housed in your company’s reporting environment, using pre-built documents and your company’s data, all while supported by our services team.

Lifetime Implementation Support Services Include:

  • Report health check review
  • Prebuilt reports
  • Business process design
  • Product education & training
  • Complete document management support
  • Proven practices documentation
  • Product training services
    (CPE credits available)

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