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Press Releases

DisclosureNet™ Offers Unlimited Access to Thousands of SEC-Filed Documents
July 14, 2014
Today DisclosureNet is launching a 90-day free trial that will provide users with unlimited access to the U.S. component of its disclosure research platform. Eligible companies will gain company-wide, unlimited access to public filings submitted to the SEC, real-time automatic alerts, full-text search and sharing capabilities. The 90-day, no obligation offer is part of a… Read more…
DisclosureNet™ Achieves 2014 SOC 2 Type 1 Certification
June 24, 2014
TORONTO: DisclosureNet announced today that it has successfully obtained the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 certification after undergoing a thorough audit performed by Deloitte. Internationally recognized as one of the most stringent audit programs for service providers, DisclosureNet is one of the first SaaS disclosure management platforms to receive this accreditation. “The SOC… Read more…
DisclosureNet™ Launches Financial Reporting and Disclosure Management For Dummies
May 20, 2014
DisclosureNet is publicly releasing its highly anticipated reference guide, Financial Reporting and Disclosure Management For Dummies. The book is the first of its kind to explore three key areas of the Disclosure Management Cycle: common challenges faced by the Office of Finance, why Disclosure Management matters and actionable ways companies can produce smarter disclosures. Download your copy today! Read more…
CFO Whitepaper Exposes 5 Most Common Flaws in Disclosure Management Processes
April 3, 2014
TORONTO: A new industry whitepaper released today explores the five most common mistakes public companies consistently make during the Disclosure Management Cycle. Aimed at corporate finance professionals, “5 Fatal Flaws Killing Disclosure Management Processes” is the first whitepaper to identify these issues and illustrates how to address them with a smarter disclosure management model. The… Read more…
DisclosureNet™ Database Now Includes U.S. GAAP and other FASB Content
April 23, 2013
TORONTO, NEW YORK AND SAN FRANCISCO: In its latest product upgrade, DisclosureNet™ has added searchable U.S. GAAP and other FASB content to its robust public disclosure filings database. As accounting standards continue to evolve, this crucial addition will help industry professionals stay current with regulatory changes, facilitating improved compliance. As part of the update, DisclosureNet is also rolling out a new interactive user community and help forum. Read more…