Our Mission

Driven by a passion for innovation, DisclosureNet redefines the disclosure management space with its revolutionary solution and progressive product vision. With over 500 international clients, including the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, DisclosureNet delivers solutions that help to streamline and improve disclosure management and reporting processes for professionals.

Combining the latest technology with deep industry knowledge, DisclosureNet helps teams collaborate, gain valuable insights, improve efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately accelerate their Disclosure Management Cycles on a secure and scalable platform.

The Goal: Smarter Disclosure – Faster.

Our Core Values

We know that the success of our business is dependent on the evolution of our product, and the evolution of our product is dependent on our people. That’s why at DisclosureNet, we are committed to perpetuating a culture of innovation. We hire talented people with respected skill sets, who have a passion for technology and a drive to disrupt the disclosure management industry.

From there, we set our expectations high.

We make unachievable goals achievable by taking risks and daring to be different. We celebrate each success as a milestone and not as the end objective – a mentality that keeps our team humble and our technology progressing.


Our core values are:

  1. Lead through innovation.
  2. Be passionate & determined.
  3. Empower those around you.
  4. Have fun!

We Love Our Clients

At DisclosureNet, our clients are our bread and butter. With over 500 international clients across the accounting, finance, corporate, investment, legal and government industries, we strive to solve disclosure management challenges for every reporting workflow. We’re fuelled by our clients’ business needs.

Our Account Management team is dedicated to adding value to every user’s DisclosureNet experience. The team is easily accessible by phone, email or one-on-one support sessions, which are not the exception, they’re the rule.

When we look to evolve our solution to better meet our clients’ needs, we go straight to the source. The DisclosureNet product team avidly brings users into the innovation process, conducting face-to-face interviews to identify areas for improvement and implementing a testing/feedback process for clients throughout development.

 We see DisclosureNet and our clients as one team.

We Love Our People

Our environment isn’t an office; it’s a home. Our staff isn’t a workforce; we’re a family. Our talent isn’t numbers; we’re names. At DisclosureNet, it’s not just your work that matters. You matter.

DisclosureNet shows great commitment to employees by recognizing that our people are the business’s greatest asset and by understanding that employee engagement is directly linked to our company’s success. We believe in hiring the best talent, providing an environment where people can excel and encouraging every individual to aspire for greatness.

DisclosureNet infuses the team with a sense of mission by instilling each employee with autonomy and aligning the company to key goals, facilitated through regular meetings and communication. On account of our leadership’s commitment to employee experience, DisclosureNet is comprised of a workforce that wants to drive results, with a positive energy radiating from its international offices.

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